Sometimes a human in the loop is unavoidable. Human cognition, intuition and world knowledge makes solving fuzzy problems on complex data possible and improves efficiency and speed.

The Visual Analytics methodology acknowledges this fact since its establishment in 2005. With ScatterBlogs-Analytics you can harness Visual Analytics methods to analyze social media data according to your goals and need in a timely and highly efficient manner. Make use of our unique geo-referencing and classification algorithms and let ScatterBlogs-Analytics summarize arbitrary geographical regions, topic areas, or time frames.

Live and Retrospective

Our tools are designed for processing live streaming data. All summaries, classifications, and results are updated with each new bit of information. Several hundred times per second. ScatterBlogs analytics allows you to analyze past events in retrospective as well. Be prepared for current and future events by utilizing all the knowledge from the past.

Live and Retrospective
Overview First, Details on Demand

Overview First, Details on Demand

Give structure to your analysis using diverse filter combinations. ScatterBlogs-Analytics summarizes the text and images of all results sets, on the maps and in the timeline. Tagging filter results enables you to spot the results anytime in any view, down to the individual messages.

Structured Reporting

Create intuitive reports that speak for themselves directly from the ScatterBlogs-Analytics app. After gathering the most relevant insights of the data, export them to structured file formats or share them directly with your news room, PR agency, or control room through links to interactive websites that summarize the sequence of events.

Verifiable Information

The following use cases illustrate the application of ScatterBlogs-Analytics to several scenarios in order to gain situational awareness from social media content.

Attacks in Brussels, 2016

ScatterBlogs is used to analyze the March 2016 attacks in Brussels. Substantially more information can be assigned to a location due our location estimation then by using the (often missing) exact geo-position. In addition to an integrated view of enriched, publicly available data, it is also possible to employ filters for detection of messages of specific topics.

Floods in Europe, 2013

ScatterBlogs has been evaluated with situation awareness experts in public safety, critical infrastructure management, and disaster response. The following video gives an example of analytics tasks that had to be solved during a larger user study. The data was collected from Twitter and other sources during the 2013 European Floods. The results of the study demonstrated that the experts were highly convinced of the usefulness and applicability of the tools for real-world crisis events.

Earthquake in Virginia, 2011

This video shows how fast information can spread over social media. People at the east coast near the epicenter tweet 83 seconds after the earthquake began and 75 seconds later the first retweets appear on the west coast. It is also remarkable how people in southern Florida tweet about the earthquake two minutes before the secondary seismic wave (red in the video) reaches them.


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